In honour of this exhibition, two foundational works on Swiss numismatics authored by Olivier Chaponnière, «Antoine Bovy & le Franc suisse» and «L'Or de la Suisse », were translated into German.


Our graphic design team is currently working on the two voluminous catalogues. Some excerpts of both issues will soon be available online.



Catalogue «Antoine Bovy & die Entstehung des Schweizer Frankens» and «Das Gold der Schweiz»
52.– Swiss Francs | 48 Euro

Catalogue «Das Geld unserer Vorfahren»

38.– Swiss Francs | 35 Euro

Shipping and Handling: Switzerland CHF 10.– / Europe EUR 15.– / Overseas USD 20.—

​Your order will be delivered at the beginning of May 2017.


Please note: both catalogues are only available only in German.